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Vegetable balls

by IKEA Alexandra


2.96 (5)

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26 June 2019
This review is coming a little late, but I heard that they discontinued the veggie

balls! How tragic. But I’m still doing this review and poking IKEA to bring it...

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30 November 2021
not a fan of this unfortunately but think this comes down to personal pref!!

the vegetable balls were tasty, but felt like a fair bit of artificial seasoning and flavouring might hv been added 😅

main ingredient was potatoes i think, w corn, peas and carrot cubes added

portion was on the small...

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28 January 2019
$5 for 8 veg balls with couscous and sour cream (not sure if vegan though).

overall quite okay! balls were good but a little crumbly, and the couscous honestly tasted of overwhelming turneric😂 but I like turmeric so that was fine! pretty decent and humble dish:”)

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8 August 2018
So I got the vegetable balls (without Tom yum which isn't veg) and they

charged me the same price! Ridiculous - Ikea doesn't even have a veg option in Singapore. I paid $3 for these terrible veggie...

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8 January 2022
I wasn't in a meaty mood so I opted for these veggie balls from

#ikea . It tasted more like mashed rempah paste with bits of peas in it. If you like curry, you will have a ball with...

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