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Matcha Hojicha Latte

by Hvala CHIJMES
4.46 (7)
  • Is Matcha Hojicha Latte vegan? Yes! Matcha Hojicha Latte is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Hvala CHIJMES50 dishes · 120 reviews

30 Victoria St, Singapore 187996

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Most helpful reviews

I LOVE anything MATCHA 🍵❤️
This is with oat milk, at home I generally have

it with Bonsoy so this isnt too creamy as my morning matcha latte

the matcha taste so authentic but had to top up $1 for oat milk and

an additional $1 for ice!

side note: its served w a beautiful ceramic cup😍😍

I find the hojicha syrup so special and it’s not oat milk by default anymore

:( #veganisnotscary

Favourite drink I've had at Hvala so far, lots of depth in taste with the

combination of matcha and hojicha syrup! Oatside (Singapore's first homegrown oat milk brand) is now offered as a vegan choice in addition to Minor Figures. ($6.90 iced +$1 for oat milk at CHIJMES outlet)

This Matcha Hojicha Iced Latte was the first drink I had at Hvala and I

really enjoyed it! The matcha taste is just the right intensity, and the hojicha sirop at the bottom brings a little something I like (it isn’t too sweet so that’s a good point for me). The only little downside to me is the price: at Chijmes you have to add one extra dollar to make the drink vegan, so I ended up paying 7.9 + service + taxes which in the end made this cool drink a bot pricey. Would rather have it at Craig Road Café next time to avoid extra cost :))

Non-dairy option was oat milk. Enjoyed seeing the preparation of the latte in Japanese pottery,

from the whisking of matcha to the final dreamy pour. The matcha was strong but powdery. Hojicha syrup was a little sweet so ask to reduce if you prefer less sweet.

Went all the way there wanting to try their vegan waffles and kinako paste but

both were sold out! (T ^ T)
I was also kinda disappointed that this was served in a disposable plastic cup for dine-ins since the menu clearly shows drinks served in glass.
Taste wise the matcha hojicha latte was really rich which is great but could use a bit more milk.

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