Yam Tau Sar Piah

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Most helpful reviews

i love yam especially when it's natural and not overly sweetened, so this was great.

filling was very smooth ✨ the pastry was really flaky - maybe even a bit too much for my liking haha it kept falling apart. a little dry as well. i loved all the fillings though! would definitely go back if i'm craving vegan pastries.

p.s. PLEASE TOAST THIS before eating for the ultimate foodie experience 🤤

BYO for 20 cents off! ☺️

Not the best flavour in my opinion as the yam taste wasn’t strong enough 🥲

will stick with their classic salty

Rare yam version of tau sar piah, made from 100% vegetable oil! Best when consumed

right out of the oven for maximum crisp ones and flakiness :)

Mildly sweet, so you can taste the yam as it is. Good! Dont often see

yam filling in Singapore.

The puff texture is crispy on the outside with the oven baked aroma~ the only thing I think could be better is... if the puff could be more flaky than hard on the inside. But in general, I'm happy~

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