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Salty Green Bean Tau Sar Piah

by House Of Tau Sar Piah
4.44 (5)
  • Is Salty Green Bean Tau Sar Piah vegan? Yes! Salty Green Bean Tau Sar Piah is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

About the restaurant

House Of Tau Sar Piah
House Of Tau Sar Piah22 dishes · 38 reviews

529 Balestier Rd, #01-02, Singapore 329856

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Most helpful reviews

The salty Tau Sar Piah gets one of the highest votes of popularity. This is

close to traditional where there were only sweet or salty, before all the creative flavours like red bean, pineapple, green tea, coffee, durian or yam. I like the salty one as it only midly savoury complementing the even more lighter savoury flaky skin. It is a unique taste as most pastries are sweet. Even my brother who never takes any sweet dessert could even take a mouthful of this. So there you go...
Read more about Tau Sar Piah in my review of the sweet version.

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My favourite flavour from HOUSE OF TSP!!! This salty pastry is so addictive even if

you’ve had a full meal. Completely crumbles in your mouth. 😍

my fav flavour just because it was so different from the usual sweet fillings ☺️

the taste was perfectly balanced - definitely not too salty or jelat. the pastry was really flaky - maybe even a bit too much for my liking haha it kept falling apart. a little dry as well. i loved all the fillings though! would definitely go back if i'm craving vegan pastries.

p.s. PLEASE TOAST THIS before eating for the ultimate foodie experience 🤤

BYO for 20 cents off! ☺️

Classic salty tau sar piah (the one with yellow filling at the bottom), made from

100% vegetable oil! Best when consumed right out of the oven for maximum crisp ones and flakiness :) My personal fav flavour!

This place has a good sense of the balance between the filling and and skin

layers. My crime is buying too many and leaving the salty one to the last. Haha. Really, good food has to be taken fresh.

Nonetheless, filling was nicely salted, and doesn't fall apart much.

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