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Herbivore @herbivore_sg 🌱💪🏼 |
Katsu Curry Bento Set 🥘
“Vegan because peace starts with how we treat

the most vulnerable.” ❤️🐶🐱🐮🐷🐥🐠
Fight climate change with diet change!
9 Reasons to Refuse Single-use Plastic ❌💚🌍
1️⃣ Made from fossil fuels
2️⃣ Huge Carbon footprint
3️⃣ Will still be here in hundreds of years
4️⃣ Only a tiny percentage is recycled
5️⃣ Leaches toxins into food and drink
6️⃣ Causes hormone disruption and cancer
7️⃣ Pollutes our oceans
8️⃣ Kills marine animals and birds
9️⃣ Enters our food chain
🚫 1 pair of wooden chopsticks in plastic wrapper
🚫 1 serviette
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Crunchy and toothsome breaded soy 'cutlet' (not too greasy!) atop a bed of Japanese rice,

served with chunks of carrot and potato in the curry. Enjoyed the great balance of spiciness, sweetness, and saltiness in the curry gravy, as Japanese curries tend to be a bit too mild and sweet for my liking. The bento set also came with radish salad in roasted sesame dressing, silken tofu miso soup, as well as a refreshing jelly dessert~ (Allium-free, $18) #sgvegan #japanese

Wow, this restaurant is expensive but really bomb. This dish had delicious katsu that went

perfectly with the Japanese rice and curry 🍛 On top or that it also came with a side salad, a nice soup and delicious jelly. Shared it with @theminttobe who treated me. Pretty substantial portion and the other bento I had was even bigger. This is a great place for special occasions, they also have some cheaper items on the menu I may try next time. #vegbuddies #veganheaven 🍛

Best thing on the menu at Herbivore. Comes with a Miso soup, salad and jelly.

The Katsu is crunchy and not too oily, and the curry has big chunks of carrot and potatoes. #jaan

Another winner from Herbivore! Wonderfully spiced sweet curry gravy, carrots and potatoes cooked to perfection,

the mind-blowingly good fried vegan chick'n cutlet and fluffy white rice were all amazing! #crfsg

It’s been over a week since I had this and I’m still thinking about how

good it was 🤤 perfect katsu curry and perfectly crispy ‘chicken’. Shared this with @elliott96 so we could try the other sushis too #abvteamfoodtography

This was pretty good and worth trying! I probably would’ve liked a bit more vegetables

to go with it and the Katsu was very average. The gravy was what you’d expect of a Japanese curry which was nice! Overall it’s a good dish worth trying but probably not your next favorite thing 😅


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