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  • Katsu Curry Bento Set
  • Katsu Curry Bento Set

Katsu Curry Bento Set

by Herbivore


4.46 (38)

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16 September 2020
It’s been over a week since I had this and I’m still thinking about

how good it was 🤤 perfect katsu curry and perfectly crispy ‘chicken’. Shared this with @elliott96 so we could try the other sushis too #abvteamfoodtography

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31 August 2020
Five star food.

The Katsu is crispy! Sweet Japanese curry with lots of carrots & potatoes. Great combi with fresh salad with sesame dressing, salty miso & yuzu...

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18 March 2020
Count me in as a new fan of katsu curry!

😋 very dense and rich in flavour, I had to ask for brown rice but they didn't have any 😔 a hard no for the gooey dessert that came with the set ❌

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30 December 2020

This curry is my go to at Herbivore. I usually try to order something else every time I go, but always end up concluding that this curry is the best dish at Herbivore. Go for it you won’t...

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19 December 2021
“Katsu was not bad, v crispy.

Rice was ok, curry had too little chunks / ingredients. Curry not as flavourful/ strong as storebought!” - peasfulpea’s sister 😂 she’s a harsh critic and recommends coco and saute’s over this

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22 March 2021
Was in such disbelieve when i went to the restaurant.

There was like pork, chicken etc on the menu but its herbivore.. 😂

Love how it taste too but of course i can't be compared to a real piece of...

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8 September 2020
This katsu curry was so good, loved the big chunks of potato and carrot in

the gravy. Mediocre bean salad but the jelly was also super good. Very good value for money!

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10 January 2022
Recommended for everyone who loves fried food and/or Jap curry!

Very satisfying meal #dietcanwait

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6 September 2020
Very legit vegan version of curry katsu don!

Textures of the 'katsu' come together perfectly and curry is very flavourful too

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