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by Hans Im Glück German Burgergrill


3.85 (8)

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12 October 2020
Not bad, just that the spicy patty wasn’t exactly spicy (to my taste at

least)! Liked the avocado cream, wish there was more.

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24 April 2018
Hans im Glück is what restaurants should strive to be, have a menu with

dishes enough to keep people with diverse dietary restrictions happy. It’s great to see a menu that doesn’t limit itself to just one or two options for Veg*ns. Other than the detailed menu, they have a tiny booklet at the table which has details of allergens in all...

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8 March 2020
Spicy vegetable patty with a slice of vegan cheese, top with avocado cream, dress with

onion and lettuce. I like the spicy taste of the patty, the soft and mushy texture with each bite. The portion is bigger than the average burger, small eater may consider share with a friend if you want to save your stomach for the sides and beverage.

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2 March 2019
Spicy patty with aged cheddar cheese and avocado cream.

The avocado cream was flavourful. Great burger. The patty seemed to have potato, corn , kidney beans and some other minced...

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9 August 2018
I went to this place 2 days in a row because the vegetarian and vegan

options were incredible. When I tried the vegetarian wolpertinger - walnut patty with aged cheddar and lingon berries and more walnuts, I was pretty blown away! In fact I would choose this burger over beyond...

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22 January 2018
They have a wide range of vegetarian and vegan burgers.

I had the Spicy patty, aged cheddar cheese & avocado cream (vegetarian) burger and sweet potato fries. Both tasted really good! Though i cant really taste the spicyness in the patty, the creamy avocado sauce makes up for...

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18 May 2018
Loved the combination of the aged cheddar cheese and the spicy patty.

Plenty of avocado cream, which was awesome.

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26 August 2019
Delicious vegetarian burger at Hans Im Gluck, order with a side of sweet potato