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Review of WOLPERTINGER at Hans Im Glück German Burgergrill by akm

photo of Hans Im Glück German Burgergrill WOLPERTINGER shared by @akm on  24 Apr 2018 - review

Hans im Glück is what restaurants should strive to be, have a menu with dishes enough to keep people with diverse dietary restrictions happy. It’s great to see a menu that doesn’t limit itself to just one or two options for Veg*ns. Other than the detailed menu, they have a tiny booklet at the table which has details of allergens in all dishes. Their Wolpertinger burger has a spicy vegetables patty topped with smoky cheddar and a generous portion of avocado cream. They have 4 different sauces on the table, all vegan and all tasted good. No complaints about the burger, it was a good tasting patty and the cheddar added a good smoky flavour to the burger. I’d recommend this place to anyone who enjoys burgers but probably not visit again as I don’t enjoy burgers as much and this one didn’t convert me either.

hownowbrownkow Looks good! Have to visit!Reply