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Review of WOLPERTINGER at Hans Im Glück German Burgergrill by janicita79

photo of Hans Im Glück German Burgergrill WOLPERTINGER shared by @janicita79 on  09 Aug 2018 - review

I went to this place 2 days in a row because the vegetarian and vegan options were incredible. When I tried the vegetarian wolpertinger - walnut patty with aged cheddar and lingon berries and more walnuts, I was pretty blown away! In fact I would choose this burger over beyond burger ! Second day I went back and tried the vegan option with wheat patty and pepper mushrooms. The sweet potato fries and the orange mustard were yummy too! The beef burgers were good too according to my Friend and mum who tried them. Service and ambience which was like dining in a green sanctuary in town were excellent too. Definitely will be back! Great job guys for being so inclusive !

vikas I still haven't been to #hansimgluck really need to go! 😍Reply
lou yesss i've been to their outlet at raffles place and noted that they are very vegan friendly, they even label which of their sauces are vegan! Ambience was really pretty too 🤩Reply