• Is Naturbursche vegan? Yes! Naturbursche is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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7 vegan burgers 🍔 we are are truly #spoiltforchoice!!!!!! First time ever having a naked burger without the bun and I was wondering how to eat it, and used a fork and knife on a 🍔 for the first time. Even naked, it was filling. A burger by itself may be enough for a meal. The plant-based patty was BURSTING with flavour and just #SOGOOD. So many veggies and ingredients in it!!!! I think they could give less sauce though, it was a tad overwhelming. But other than that, it was perfect. Enjoyed this amazing meal with #vegbuddies @ianfx8888 @lkmetta

*New menu item alert* 🚨 This plant based patty is different to all those I

have tried at HiG before and it didn’t disappoint. It’s by far the “meatiest” on their menu. I chose the burger with golden vegan cheese and avocado cream as well as the classic plenty of lettuce 🥬 onion 🧅 and tomato 🍅 —
Solid ‘healthy’ burger choice in SG & Germany — BQ outlet has a nice view and vibe. If only the staff were efficient and friendly too! 🤭

Superb!! The avocado and cheese were so yumz together with the plant based patty!! It

was an awesome dinner.

#vegan #burger

The patty they use for this burger is my favourite but I prefer the burger

with BBQ sauce rather than this (which is with avocado cream)
I usually like avocado when done well but I felt like it doesn’t have much added flavour.
In general, this is on the pricier side but they do have 50% off flash sales when you spend $60 on Deliveroo from time to time (do keep a lookout as I’ve managed to use it about once or twice a month)


Love the buns!
Taste wise is nothing exceptional
It’s also on the pricier side. There’s other better

burgers out there.
However, love the fact that they provide vegan mayo on the table, can add it to your burger or sides as much as you want 😋

Disappointed to know that they're passing these soft brioche-y hamburger buns as sourdough these days!

This is the second time this has happened so I know it's not an anomaly! Everything else was great - the plant based patty was delicious - it was the sort that both meat eaters and non meat eaters would happily eat!
I love all the vegan sauces here and I'm embarassed to admit I do overload on them 🙈
But someone please tell them to fix their buns!!!!

Natubursche Burger comes with plant-based patty that sorts of "bleeds" a little. (I am guessing

some beetroot juice). Patty was okay but I didn't really like to eat it as it is (will eat it together with the burger bun).

Had it with sides (we shared our sides) - thick cut fries and Krautknolle cabbage. The cabbage was a little sour like coleslaw (so I guess it is depending on whether you like that or not, but it went nice with the food for me)

Hearty plant-based patty with a slice of vegan cheese, top with caramelised onions & mushrooms,

dressed with onions, tomatoes and lettuce. This patty has a firm texture, my partner enjoys it as the patty doesn't stuck to your teeth when it is not mushy. The sauce is delicious too.

Really good! I like the avocado sauce. The patty was a bit dry but had

good flavour. I got the set and you get fries (thick cut or potato fries), a cold drink and a hot drink (many choices of drinks). You can choose a sourdough bun, whole wheat, or no bun. Very worth the money and it was insanely filling. All their bottled sauces served on the side are vegan too.

I think the patty was wheat based, tasted like "meat" type. Avocado dressing went really

well with the burger. Chose sourdough bun for this and it was very soft and nice. Thick cut fries were good too but still prefer Real Food fries.

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