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Falafel Quinoa

by Haakon Superfoods and Juice
4.64 (9)
  • Is Falafel Quinoa vegan? Yes! Falafel Quinoa is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Haakon Superfoods and Juice
Haakon Superfoods and Juice31 dishes · 123 reviews

#B2-14, 313 @ Somerset, 313 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238895

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Most helpful reviews

super filling and just overall DELICIOUS! I was initially skeptical when I saw the cooked

pumpkin LOL but it actually tasted really good 💛


Really filling for $10.90(I think) love the beetroot hummus , cinnamon coated roasted pumpkin and

flavourful falafel 🥙 #veganin2020 #singapore

Packed with flavours and nutrition. I love the pop of colour from the beetroot hummus

and best of all the falafel and pesto dressing.


Love everything about this bowl. It’s colourful and tasty. The chimichurri dip is amazing. Ordered

on #deliveroo

$10.90!! though I got this for $0.90 bc I had lendlease points :p I haven’t

had haakon in so long, the last I had it was when they still had their old menu?? but omg I really liked this. the portion looks tiny but hidden underneath all these veggies is a whole bed of tricolour quinoa!!!! it was so filling mmm. the falafels were like squished and kinda rectangular shaped unlike the usual round ones, and these are one of the best falafels I’ve eaten (after pita bakery!!!) LIKE okay the crust wasn’t super crunchy but the flavor was like an explosion. all the middle eastern flavors and spices just hit me and it was so comforting and I loved it. the beetroot hummus was also really good, a level up from usual hummus bc there was a very nice tangy aftertaste that made it more refreshing. the pumpkin was really well roasted and so soft, even the skin could be eaten!! absolutely loved the pesto sauce, though I recommend pouring half first then adding more as you go bc it can get a little bland at the bottom with just the quinoa. the pesto brings all the flavors together really well, it’s like the ring that marries everything you know HAHA idk what I’m saying but yes. it’s super nutty and also quite cheesy (this is vegan!!!), and doesn’t leave that greasy feel that some pestos do. the zoodles at the side didn’t add much to the flavor per se but the addition of something so refreshing was a 10/10 and it complemented everything so well. everything in this bowl had a place and reason to be in it and I absolutely LOVED IT

!Blurry lowlight picture alert!
The roasted pumpkin was so delicious! The bowl came with a tonne

of beetroot hummus and pesto dressing which made the whole dish incredibly flavourful. The quantity looked small but the bowl ended up being rather filling!

Swapped the pumpkin for broccoli so it was less stodgy. Quinoa is so tasty and

texture is great

A good mix of ingredients. Flavours weren't very strong. Tastes good but the quantity of

the quinoa was not very high and hence this want very filling.

Really awesome dish and they recently added bunch of new vegan dishes. Really cool.

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