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Fresh Strawberry Shortcake

4.24 (14)
  • Is Fresh Strawberry Shortcake vegan? Yes! Fresh Strawberry Shortcake is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

About the restaurant

Greendot PAYA LEBAR SQUARE137 dishes · 568 reviews

60 Paya Lebar Rd #02-15 Singapore 409051 Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 409051

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Most helpful reviews

Green Dot makes damn good vegan cakes! And they’re very affordable for vegan cakes.


has to be preordered three days in advance. This was a birthday cake to feed a class of five year olds.

The kids loved it. And it did make for pretty pix too. Love you Green Dot!!! ❤️🍓❤️🍓❤️🍓❤️🍓

One of my family's favourite. Not densed with cake but perfect with the layering.

This is yummy! The cream is nice and light; strawberries are fresh, sweet and tangy;

Texture-wise, it is not so fluffy. #veganisnotscary

This is the other cake I bought as a birthday cake! I have always

been a strawberry shortcake lover and this vegan version came just at the right time!

The sponge cake is very soft even immediately taken out the fridge, compared to the tiramisu which is harder and denser. The spongecake was so soft that it "disintegrate" when we were cutting the cake halfway through as we need to cut through the strawberries.

Though its too soft for my liking, I still like the fluffy spongecake texture and taste of the vanilla flavour. I also love how Greendot have the fun size option which is great for those who like a petit and round cake as a special treat or for an occasion.

🍓🍓🍰Haven't had strawberry cream cake in the longest time, and this really brings back some

memories. The cream is light and just nicely sweetened, the cake layer is fluffy, strawberries are juicy. 🥰 The only problem I have is that big think piece of plastic. Is there another way to transport the cakes without using that? I feel bad thinking about the unnecessary plastic waste as I eat the cake... 😣

$8.90. Soft sponge cake interspersed with layers of fluffy vegan whipping cream and sweet strawberry


Light and fluffy vegan cake topped with a generous amount of strawberries. Who needs

milk byproducts to enjoy a lovely dessert?

Strawberries were sweet, vegan whipping cream was soft, fluffy perhaps rice cream. As expected cake

was a bit gummy 🤨

Low sugar strawberry short cake
Great Combination of sweet and sour

As a lover of strawberry cake, the jams and layers of cream were lovely. The

sponge was pretty weird though- it was far too dense and not pleasant on its own. The combination is great though!

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