Omni Luncheon aglio olio

  • Is Omni Luncheon aglio olio vegan? Yes! Omni Luncheon aglio olio is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Whoever thought of the idea of putting luncheon meat (aka #Spam) to everything, you’re a

genius because diced up Omni luncheon pieces goes pretty well with anything, including #pasta al dente. 🌶

Delicious! The omni luncheon meat chunks go very well with the pasta. Pasta was cooked

to perfection! Tasty with lots of bird-eye chilli and garlic. The portion is a bit small tho.

So so so so so so yummy! Usually, I don't like Omni 'meat', but this

was great. I requested for less chilli, because I didn't want to blow up while eating pasta🤭😋
But this was pretty expensive, and the portion was almost mouse-sized (if you're like me.... A big eater). I had to order something else on top of that 🤣🤣🤣

Packed with savoury goodness, pretty spicy as well, overall taste is pretty good.

Super savoury and mildly spicy aglio olio with Omni luncheon cubes. Would have liked a

bit of mushrooms or roasted vegetables to balance things out! (*Contains alliums) ($14)

Diced vegan luncheon meat cubes went well with their al dente pasta. Pasta was evenly

seasoned and had a good kick of spice. Presentation was pleasant & appetising, and let’s say, the dish is like a go-to basic.

The Aglio olio was well done with lots of garlic but the portion was small.

I’m not a big fan of Omni luncheon because I find it too salty with a strange aftertaste but I think the amount added was just right for this dish.

It's enough, however Agli Olio always appear to seem less to me as I had

to request for another dish to fill my stomach. Needs more seasoning but loved the small luncheon meats from omni.

My son loved this dish because it’s the best of both worlds for him… luncheon

meat and aglo olio! You can request for chilli free to make it non spicy.

Great taste spaghetti, just that I order this without chili as non-spicy version. but I

really think the actual food in the restaurant Presentation looks better than in the menu… 😏

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