Hericium In Sesame Oil Sauce With Basil Leave

by Green BA
4.33 (11)
  • Is Hericium In Sesame Oil Sauce With Basil Leave vegan? Yes! Hericium In Sesame Oil Sauce With Basil Leave is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Haven't had claypot rice in such a long time, and was highly impressed by this

vegan version! Lots of savoury flavours with monkey head mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, 'lupcheong', 'salted fish', chestnuts, carrots, and broccoli. Initially it didn't look like there was much sauce and the rice looked plain, but after mixing the ingredients it was perfect and slightly crisp. Staff also offered to add more sauce if I needed it. ($14.90)

A very hearty and flavourful signature dish! Generous portion of ingredients (hericium, shiitake, mock meat,

broccoli) and ALOT of rice. If I need to be picky, perhaps more sauce and basil? Must-try everybody! ❤️ $14.90+

This was my last solid food meal before my wisdom tooth extraction 🦷 and it

was meh to say the least. Menu has allergen symbols (dairy, egg, nuts) Value-wise only the hericium made the cut, it's not really claypot rice as it isn't charred enough, no crusty goodness at the bottom after mixing thought the sauce is flavorful. One of the staff was rather rude to my mom 👎 #veganisnotscary

I was very pleasantly surprised by this dish 😍 like those Thai basil dishes but

in a claypot.. am a fan! there's so much rice vs. liao that at first we thought it would get bland, but it was still flavourful throughout. Only complain is that the claypot wasn't hot enough so I didn't get the crispy bits. But would definitely order again. Quite a huge portion too! #abillionturns3

Comforting bowl of claypot rice. Love how the different ingredients come together. Good for sharing.


This was a nice dish but the main issue was that it was way too

dry, the rice. Had to keep adding soup to moisten it but it was still pretty dry. There were monkey head mushrooms and nice mock meat along with basil in a nice sauce. And steamed broccoli of course that tastes comforting and healthy. Pretty healthy. Dishes with egg, dairy and peanuts are labelled on their menu. Pretty large portion, my friends had trouble finishing their food. I could finish mine and help some of them finish their dishes since I'm a big appetite girl.

This dish was flavorful in it's seasoning, with the fragrance of sesame oil, soy sauce

and basil leaves. However, it doesn't have that burnt rice crisp one would often had in claypot rice. The rice is also slightly dry too. The shredded lion mane was great with the infused flavor from the sesame oil.

This was actually a fairly decent dish, my favourite mushroom. But u don't really taste

the sesame oil tho, just dark soy sauce actually,so it's a wee bit sweet'ish for my liking . With mushrooms, carrots,broccoli with some mock sausage(which i didnt touch).
Generous portion which comes with rice.

In love with this dish! 🍲🍲 A veganized version of one of my fav local

dishes - claypot rice. The hericium is another word for lion's mane mushroom and was perfectly seasoned in sesame oil. The portion was a good size and mixing the rice in the claypot allowed the crispy rice bits to be swirled with the rest of the veggie goodness. SUPER YUM! Price is S$13.90! I'll definitely be back at Green Ba :--) Thanks for the rec @munch

The dish was served sizzling hot and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Huge portion. Most of

the rice is plain white and not really claypot so ensure you mix it up before digging in. The sauce flavour is delicious and went well with the rice, mushroom, veggie and sausages.

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