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Mushroom steak

by Goodsouls Kitchen


4.60 (4)

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1 February 2023
These are yummy , the texture is so chewy and satisfying and I added the

vegan #cheeze which is really good. The potato wedges are also really good-big and perfectly cooked. Served with a side salad and some vegan mayo and another creamy...

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25 September 2022
It was surprisingly good as I didn’t expect much of a mushroom steak - texture

was not like a steak of course but it was meaty and well spiced and the whole dish very filling.

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11 January 2021
If you’re not a fan of plant-based processed/manufactured meat, this is the option

to go for!

The mushrooms give a realistic shredded texture and a great umami boost that’s almost meaty.

Amazing thick-cut fries on the side as well and one of the best homemade vegan mayos I’ve...

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29 April 2020
This was really special!

Mushroom steaks! That looks like real steaks 😳🤯 Absolutely delicious ♥️ Comes with potatoes and salad. I can really recommend this!

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25 April 2019
My favorite dish in Thailand, without a doubt!

Go and taste one now, it's marvelous. Very well done, unbelievable.