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Wow. This was amazing.
Vegan chai tow kway is a hit or miss. But Gokul

did it so well. There’re beancurd strips in there, which I believe was used as a replacement for the egg omelette in the usual chai tow kway.
They were generous with the chilli too. I wasn’t complaining 😅

Hokkien mee here was so good! Also v good curries & rojak 🙌🏾

A must have if you enjoy traditional stir fried carrot cakes!! Definitely the best I

have ever tried. By default, the carrot cake served is the “black” version which also meant it tastes stronger and is slightly sweet. However, what impressed me was how well an Indian restaurant serving some authentic Indian dishes also pulled off this traditional Chinese dish better than other Chinese eateries, with loads of dried radish, full control of flavour, and garnished with strands of fresh radish. If you are not a fan of oily and salty food, request for them to hold the oil and salt - it tastes just as amazing and flavourful!

Quite difficult to find vegan carrot cake, so I usually go to Gokul to satisfy

my cravings for carrot cake! This carrot cake from Gokul is great! It used to be better, but still not too bad now.

Okay so I've had Gokul's carrot cake before but at the Fortune Center branch. It

was fantastic there (and so far the only vegan carrot cake I've tried that tastes close to the original dish). But this one didn't quite hit the right flavours 🤔 hoping I just got a mediocre batch this time.

Oooo this was spicy! And I loved the tofu and how big each carrot cake

was, overall a very satisfying although unhealthy dish 😁

Very authentic old school kinda black carrot cake.. brings back memories wor.. yummilicious and filling

and satisfying. Wish it’s a lil spicier though. 🤓

Not a big fan of carrot cake but this one was decent. This was a

recommended dish and did not disappoint

This is so goooooood! Definitely worth to order 😋😋😋😋😋😋

This dish is good as always and probably the most reliable at gokul. Glad I

didn't get the sambal kangkong again

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