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Wow! I can’t believe I’m sitting in a restaurant in #singapore eating this! Khichdi is

one of those things my mom would make on a rainy day that was an easy single dish dinner for the whole family. Warm, hearty and groovy in a very Indian way. It’s something that reminds me of my grandmother and countless dinners with my parents and brother.

What is it? Khichdi is basically green lentils and basmati rice with some spices boiled down in a pressure cooker in about 15 minutes. The water and rice do all the work as the rice sheds starches which combine with the lentils into a delicious porridge 🥣

At home we separately make a spicy oil mixture that goes really well as a topping once the dish is made. Here they topped it with fresh cherry tomatoes, broccoli, radish, and coriander!

Overall I gave the dish high marks but on taste I’d recommend they improve the texture. The lentils and rice are boiled down too much so it’s more of a paste than a porridge. Still delicious and worth trying!

Thanks Genius Central for a great meal for our monthly Singapore Vegan biz owners lunch!

#geniuscentral #khichdi #singapore

OMG I didn’t know about this place and it’s truly a gem, with almost 50%

or so of it’s menu being vegan!!! #veganheaven #spoiltforchoice This was a very unique Indian dish. Wasn’t so used to having a base of lentils but it was not bad. The broccoli went really well. The tomato salad on the side was superb the way it was seasoned! Their plant-based raita (yogurt) was out of this world! Wasn’t super filling for a main but with the vegan chocolate cake it was very filling. I got this as part of their lunch set menu with a choice of 4 mains (2 of which are vegan) that comes with a dessert for $13.10 after additional charges. Super value for money given the quality of ingredients, nutrition and amazing presentation! Such a beautiful meal and setting, there’s no excuse for taking bad pictures here! A chance for me to try a new photo composition and I’m so happy with how it turned out! You can sign up for their free membership and get 20% off ala carte items and a free 9th meal!

The Khichdi in itself was great with loads of veggies.. but I was bowled over

by the plant-based raita. So creamy and tasted just like regular raita. The restaurant has vegan clearly marked in the menu and the lady who runs it is so sweet! More brownie points for the takeaway being in biodegradable packs! #sgcbd #indianincbd

A lovely warm dish loaded with green vegetables on top. Just what is needed after

a long day at work.

Bitter. Bland. Why use basmati rice if it's going to be boiled into a slop

anyway. Best thing about the dish was the mint plant based yoghurt dip on the side. Tzatziki. I'm struggling to think what on earth the chef was thinking. Does anyone taste this before serving it?

The Khichdi at Genius Central was tasty, with just the right amount of spice.

The venue was airy, & spacious and was able to accommodate a large group. The plant based raita and coriander added to the flavor.The dish arrived and was wolfed down quickly. Can probably add a small pappad as an additional side dish. This was available as a vegan lunch deal for $11.9. Overall enjoyed the experience. #khichdi #vegansg

Delicious! I thought it was a tad over-seasoned, but the flavours more than made up

for it. The vegetables were especially tender. I went for the optional tempeh for an additional $1.50 and it was very filling. I recommend the dish if you’re feeling more soupy-ish or want something comforting. It’s very soft in general, a bit like a firm rice congee would be, so it’s great for people who are too lazy to chew much. #veganisnotscary

I’ve never tried this before so can’t compare with anywhere else. Personally I think it’s

very fragrant but I got sick of it quickly. The veggies were surprisingly tasty. #veganisnotscary

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