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#VeganIsNotScary #402

The serving a bit too small for two of us 😅 really

too yummy 😋 and he finished almost the entire plate 🤣! Hopefully can come back soon ☺️ the food here really good lor 🙄 肥死我 ☹️

$17 for this!

really worth it hehe i was very full afterwards!! this also tasted

very good and creamy considering its vegan and made from cashews :) generous amount of mushrooms and vegetables given! i’m not sure what the name of the greens is but they gave a very refreshing taste in the midst of the creaminess of the pasta!! love this and would order again!


Topped with portobello and button mushrooms as well as pea spouts, with a choice of

spaghetti or gluten-free penne. The creamy cashew sauce contained thyme and rosemary, but I found it kind of bland and boring (I've eaten allium-free whole-food plant-based cream pastas that were much more flavourful and affordable than this). Would have liked more herbs, and maybe miso and nutritional yeast infused into the sauce, or perhaps a few roasted nuts or sun-dried tomatoes sprinkled on top for better taste and texture! Sadly the least favourite main I've ever had here. To be fair my partner enjoyed this and I only tried eating it when it had started getting cold, so maybe it would have been better when just freshly served! (Contains alliums, $18) #sgvegan #wholefoodplantbased #wfpb

#EveryEffortCount #2/365 #4
Price:-$18 +7% GST +10%SC
Portobello & button mushrooms + creamy cashew sauce +

thyme + rosemary. This round we chose gluten-free penne.
I prefer spaghetti hahaha!

Discovered this coworking space with lotsa #vegan options! Tried this creamy mushroom pasta which was

YUM!! Lotsa chunky mushroom pieces 🙊 They have a #glutenfree option and I really enjoyed the bouncy texture of the GF pasta 😌 Service was also 10/10 💛 Thank you for having so many vegan options!!!

So stoked to find so many vegan options here! Shared this and the bolognese pasta

with @far3ana #vegbuddies. Even though I thought I'd always enjoyed cream, I didn't take to the cashew cream sauce somehow. It was still pretty tasty and worth it with a discount. I preferred the bolognese while she preferred this one. Beautiful presentation with very healthy alfalfa sprouts on top. I think they could definitely use nutritional yeast to boost taste and nutrition in western dishes. Genius is a very cosy place with friendly staff and they focus on healthy whole foods.

Delicious pasta, would probably be better if it was hot. The service here is very

fast so next time order things in the order you would like to eat them. But it was so yummy! #abillionXKinder

Was excited to try this dish as the sauce is made with cashew! The sauce

reminds me of mushroom soup! Not bad but won’t eat again at this price point.

according to their staff, the best pasta dish that they recommended. a lovely cream vegan

option but relatively mild tasting!

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