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Most helpful reviews

Really good! Soft skin, easy to tear apart. Nice filling, goes well with the ‘chicken’

rice chilli that is so addictive.

#crfsg #dumpling

Nice dumplings with quite a lot of fillings. Interesting choice of condiment, with a chicken-rice-style

chili instead of vinegar / soy sauce. Not sure if I liked this combi, but was interesting!

Skin was smooth, steamed at the perfect depth (not too damp, not undercooked unlike some)

While $1/dumpling, they were still plump and had really nice mushroomy filling. Most of all I was surprised how the "chicken rice" chilli sauce pairing worked!

Not too bad... would be nicer if they add some crunch to the fillings. It

does go well with the chicken rice chilli surprisingly. $6

Love the dumplings. A lot of volume in each of them. Firmly wrapped and bouncy

🤣 Chilli goes well too. Would be nice if there’s sesame oil 😋

The dumplings are surprisingly good, the skin is not thick and is soft. The fillings

are not too salty and is mild-tasting, I just hope they would fill it up a little more such that the fillings is more than the skin in terms of ratio. However, I hope they would serve it together with vinegar and sliced ginger instead of chilli paste as the chilli paste does not go well with the dumpling and it's too spicy for my liking. #crf

This is one of the best dishes on the menu, I love how flavourful the

dumplings are and the sauce is such a good pairing!


Very tasty dumplings and chili sauce 😋 A perfect side dish for sharing.

Very yummy dumplings - highly recommend! 🥟 100% vegan restaurant

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