by Freedom Cakes
4.45 (21)
  • Is Cheesecake vegan? Yes! Cheesecake is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Cheesecake riquísima! Una de las mejores que he comido! Suave y nada empalagosa, un 10!

El local súper bonito, y los trabajadores encantadores!

New York cheesecake. Buenisimos, es tarta de queso de las de nevera, no de las

de horno. Mis favoritas.

Para mi la mejor tarta de las que he probado en este local, no dirías

que es vegana. #vacaloura

*from our pre-corona travels* Conveniently located right next to Vega and with really nice staff,

I loved Freedom Cakes Vegan. And if you've been this post so far you'll know I infamously don't like desserts. We tried a chocolate cake, a cheesecake and a cookie (note: since then we've started boycotting all cocoa products bc of the child/forced/slave labour involved... yepp, even in case of 'fair trade' labels. There's a video on Youtube titled 'Child Labor Makes Your Ethically Certified Chocolate', worth watching). All three were delectable of course - next time, we'll avoid the chocolate cake. Go here for dessert, you won't be disappointed. I'd even recommend opting for coffee at Vega and getting a takeaway cake (or three) for later (or breakfast) at Freedom Cakes.

Here are some things that we are defo gonna write to (+poke) them about: do they have any organic plant-based meals? We think there would be a market niche for that... like basically anywhere (the legal differentiation of "non-organic" and "organic" produce is basically an euphemism for "poisonous" and "a bit less poisonous"... which is an outrage! All fruit & veg (+any plant-based food) should be organic, everywhere, not just the privilege of wealthy citizens who can afford to buy the more expensive stuff). Also: were the agricultural workers that produced the plants paid well, in a fair trade fashion (and are they employed as wage labourers)? Is the restaurant a democratic workplace (a worker coop)? If you liked my review, you can follow me on @veganvstravel on Instagram or Facebook. I wrote a whole blogpost about vegan restaurants and eating out in Belgrade here:
Go vegan!! :)

Enamorado del cheese cake de Freedom Cakes. Siempre me da miedo elegir algo hecho con

queso vegano porque hay algunos quesos veganos que no me gustan pero esta tarta es brutal!! De mis favoritas y la pediré muchas mas veces!!

La tarta estaba muy buena, el batido también, lo recomendamos mucho (incluso mi pareja omnívora),

lo único que no nos convence es la nata, es demasiado densa y no termina de saber “a nata montada”. Lo demás está buenísimo y recomendamos este sitio con creces. Solemos ir de hecho cuando vamos a Madrid.

Tarta de queso vegana muy cremosa. Recomiendo probarla si os pasáis por este restaurante, porque

aunque es de las menos vistosas no decepciona

Fui con una amiga que entonces no era vegana y dijo que podría haber pasado

por una cheesecake al uso. Muy rica.

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