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Review of Cheesecake at Freedom Cakes by travellingweasels

photo of Freedom Cakes Cheesecake shared by @travellingweasels on  05 Nov 2020 - review

*from our pre-corona travels* Conveniently located right next to Vega and with really nice staff, I loved Freedom Cakes Vegan. And if you've been this post so far you'll know I infamously don't like desserts. We tried a chocolate cake, a cheesecake and a cookie (note: since then we've started boycotting all cocoa products bc of the child/forced/slave labour involved... yepp, even in case of 'fair trade' labels. There's a video on Youtube titled 'Child Labor Makes Your Ethically Certified Chocolate', worth watching). All three were delectable of course - next time, we'll avoid the chocolate cake. Go here for dessert, you won't be disappointed. I'd even recommend opting for coffee at Vega and getting a takeaway cake (or three) for later (or breakfast) at Freedom Cakes.

Here are some things that we are defo gonna write to (+poke) them about: do they have any organic plant-based meals? We think there would be a market niche for that... like basically anywhere (the legal differentiation of "non-organic" and "organic" produce is basically an euphemism for "poisonous" and "a bit less poisonous"... which is an outrage! All fruit & veg (+any plant-based food) should be organic, everywhere, not just the privilege of wealthy citizens who can afford to buy the more expensive stuff). Also: were the agricultural workers that produced the plants paid well, in a fair trade fashion (and are they employed as wage labourers)? Is the restaurant a democratic workplace (a worker coop)? If you liked my review, you can follow me on @veganvstravel on Instagram or Facebook. I wrote a whole blogpost about vegan restaurants and eating out in Belgrade here:
Go vegan!! :)

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travellingweasels Some general info about worker cooperatives can be found here ➡️ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Worker_cooperative1 likeReply
travellingweasels If you wanna read more about the worker cooperative movement in Spain, we recommend starting here ➡️ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mondragon_Corporation1 likeReply
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travellingweasels Oh yeah sugarblast for sure. Back then we were into decadence lol1 likeReply
travellingweasels You can read the whole blogpost I wrote about vegan restaurants and eating out vegan in Spain here ➡️ https://www.veganvstravel.com/2018/06/vegan-madrid.html 🌱 Go vegan - for the animals & for the 🌎✌🏻1 likeReply