Classic Poutine

  • Is Classic Poutine vegan? Yes! Classic Poutine is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Another dish to go! Paired perfectly with the pancakes and chickun. Super savoury! Thank you

#ferncafeandbakery for staying open amid a pandemic and making us amazing vegan food at appropriate physical distance!

Fantastic! And nice portions, does not leave you too full. Great cashew curds!
Added Italian

sausage! Whoa!

This was some of the better vegan poutine that I’ve tried. The curds didn’t really

resemble dairy curds, but that’s not very important to me. The gravy itself was delicious and the fries were great too.

Best vegan poutine I’ve ever had, hands down. The cheese curd was incredible.

Best place to go if you’re looking to indulge in some of your favourite vegan

used classics. Can’t rave about this place enough!!

Admittedly doesn’t travel super well, but that’s poutine for you. My picture doesn’t do it

justice, it’s incredibly delicious!!

It’s just ok. Now when I say that, I would absolutely get it again as

a side. Poutine is poutine and I love poutine ❤️ this one, compared to other vegan poutines, is flat though. Even though the photo looks like a ton of gravy there really wasn’t, and the under layer is dry, despite stirring it up. I’m team cilantro, so points for the cilantro. The gravy is pretty good, just I’ve had better. There’s a jackfruit poutine at this restaurant that is much better. I recommend opting for the jackfruit poutine over the classic.

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