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  • Parsnip Apple Soup
  • Parsnip Apple Soup

Parsnip Apple Soup

by Fancy Plants Kitchen


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9 October 2022
The soup for the October tasting menu may be the best soup I've ever had!

This course really hits all of the flavor notes you could ever ask for! It is sweet, savory, herbaceous, earthy, and slightly spicy. I felt as though I could identify all components listed on the menu: parsnip, apple, truffle brie, and rosemary oil, and they go together so we'll even if they sound a bit odd together. The truffle brie was really incredible! Make sure you stir it up so you can get that incredible truffle flavor in each spoonful. I also want to give them huge props for making this incredible brie in house. We actually ended up buying some cheese to take home (this will be in a later review).

I'm so glad this was included in the tasting menu, because I'm not sure I would have known a soup with apple and parsnip could be so tasty.

I think @jonok summed it up nicely: "It's like a cheese board in soup form!"

#truffle #soup #apple #finedining #chicago #glutenfree

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5s across the board for this banger of a soup! Our 1st course after the

amuse bouche of cognac figs.

This parsnip apple soup with truffle Brie and rosemary oil was a delightful combination of sweetness and savory on the front due to the apple and brie pairing magnificently with a slight spiciness kick on the back end. The truffle and rosemary oil make a mellow but noticeable appearance towards the tail end of the flavor roller coaster.

Upon stirring the soup together (it was too pretty, I didn't want to stir it!) and incorporating the oils and brie that was apparently stuck at the bottom, it brought on a whole new dimension. Pairing it with the wine, the fats/oils in the soup softened the wine's tannins remarkably. An epic combination!

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