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  • Agedashi Tofu With Obanzai And Onigiri
  • Agedashi Tofu With Obanzai And Onigiri

Agedashi Tofu With Obanzai And Onigiri

by Fancy Plants Kitchen


4.93 (3)

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30 October 2022
I absolutely loved everything about this dish!!! All the flavors paired perfectly together! The broth

was both sweet and savory. The rice block slightly charred and absorbed a lot of the broth. The tofu squares perfectly cooked. The eggplant and daikon added some unique veg to the dish. The “Pork Belly” crispy on the outside and tender in the middle! You can’t go wrong with this dish! Staff super nice and service impeccable! Ambiance very comfortable and inviting! Will definitely be back again!


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Another banger of a dish on their five-course tasting menu! There was a lot going

on in this entree.

Agadashi Tofu - very crispy on the outside, but perfectly tender on the inside.
Pork Belly - I think this stole the show. It is crazy crispy on the outside but melts in your mouth. Insanely good.
Vegan egg - did a great job of soaking up the broth, imparting a crazy amount of umami into every bite.
Daikon hasselback - while a nice addition and visually appealing, it did little up in terms of flavor and largely acted as a vehicle For the broth.

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The entree of the October tasting menu is unlike anything I've really had before. It

kind of reminded me of ramen without noodles. I wasn't expecting it to be served in a broth. There are really so many components to talk about in this one dish. It almost seemed like a tasting plate in itself! The agedashi is different than what I've had before. It wasn't quite as crunchy out the outside and the inside wasn't as velvety, but I still loved the flavor and appreciated the large chunks. The "pork belly" however was incredibly crispy, but was so soft I could easily split it with my chopsticks. It completely melts in your mouth and I found myself scooping up the super tender pieces with my ramen spoon. The "egg soaked up the broth nicely and had a great sponge texture. Under all this "meat", there were a few prices of Chinese eggplant and sake braised cabbage, as well as a hasselback daikon radish. I really enjoyed those and would have actually appreciated a bit more to break up the heaviness. But I guess with the tasting menu we started with a bunch of vegetables, so now is time for the protein. The one thing I had a problem with was the rice. It was a bit dry and kind of burnt on the bottom. Looking back maybe I was supposed to spoon the broth over it so it could soak up moisture. But I just wasn't really feeling it with all the other great components present.

#tofu #veganmeat #japanese #veganegg #finedining #chicago

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