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If you visit Empress this is a must-try, of course only after you have ordered

the Impossible Gyoza's.

It is not easy to do basic stir fried tofu well. Here,all the tofu cubes

are coated evenly, and the sauce penetrates into the tofu. This is a denser tofu compared to the mapo tofu one. However, if u have to pick one tofu dish go with the impossible mapo tofu. Maybe cause it was cold when I went and the mapo tofu stayed hot.

The black pepper sauce is definitely on point and made everything so tasty! I especially

loved the potato wedges, even more than the tofu itself. Not sure if the texture of the tofu was supposed to replicate meat because I found it a bit too firm, textured and fibrous(?) for my liking and I much prefer the smooth and soft kind of tofu. Think I'd enjoy it a lot more if it were that type of tofu 😅

Bouncy firm tofu squares that I really love amongst the caramelized onions and bell peppers.

Something about the sauce was nostalgic ☺️ Especially surprised by how well potato goes with this dish.

So I’ve been told these are supposed to be like “beef cubes” because of the

texture of the tofu. The trick with this dish is freezing the tofu to make it porous and then letting it soak up all the flavor when cooking. I personally love this dish especially with the potatoes and bell peppers. Definitely worth trying here!

Love the chewy outer layer. Love the tofu. Love that I finally see onions. 😬

Not just red and green pepper like the other mains that we had today.

The spongey type of tofu used in this dish was perfect for soaking up the

tasty peppery sauce. Would never have thought of adding potato wedges in a dish like this, but it works!

This tofu was a solid 10/10. So much flavour and well seasoned! Love their outdoor

casual dining as well where you’re right by the Singapore river!

Wasn’t very fond of the strong black pepper flavor and spice in general. But liked

that it had potato wedges in it! Thanks @vikas for the treat!

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