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Chef Alexis was so excited about this new dark chocolate cake that he mentioned it

a few minutes after seating us. Then the waitstaff mentioned it. We begged to start the 5-course meal with dessert but were made to wait 😅.

Then it arrived - a dense but spongy, layered cake adorned with chocolate buttercream frosting!!! The chocolate is not for the faint-hearted, it is perfectly bittersweet, and totally balanced by the frosting.

Though the tasting menu changes weekly, there is good news!!! This cake will become the celebration cake for birthdays, etc. And will also be customizable (Alexis mentioned strawberries in the middle, different frosting flavors). What a lovely treat!!!!!

Part of 5-course menu that changes weekly, 22,50€ including a beverage. #teamdarkchocolate #sinoesveganonoescomida #refugiotheanimalacademy

This cake was fantastic. Loved the taste and the texture, which is super creamy and


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