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Most helpful reviews

These were well yummy, crispy and full of veggies minced shrooms and flavour. A tad

oily but we did ask for fried dumplings. If you’re after fried vegan snacks this is one to get.
Divine Realm serves up really nice and affordable veg and vegan food. Perfect for casual coffee shop meals.

Think they are quite good, crispy and savoury on their own, since I don’t get

to add vinegar to it (takeaway without getting the vinegar, and there’s no vinegar at home 😆)

Also called fried gyozas, these were really good with the bits of ginger and chives.

The skin is crispy and chewy at the same time. The price points in this restaurant is reasonably low and very affordable 👍

Crispy outside with lots of fresh vegetables inside. Must eat! All time best
Dip with vinegar

and lots of freshly cut ginger strips

Should have been better if it's a little more chao tar. Best paired with vinegar.

This is my favorite dish at Divine Realm , must eat dish ;)

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