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This simple dish of sautéed pea shoots in fresh garlic is one of my favorite

things at #dintaifung. It’s one of their options that can be #veganized and make sure you mention it because otherwise they make it with chicken stock!


Hahaha! Mostly friends came here to eat xiaolongbao 😂 my vegan friend come here request

for vegan dish 😅 so must request them to make the dish vegan 🤣🤣🤣
It is simple and yummy 😋

Dou miao a.k.a pea shoots are always 😋 Simple & tasty! It’s a must-have

dish when I have any dim sum feast 🌱

Somehow I thought it was more flavourful than the spinach, maybe because the pieces of

veggies were smaller and thinner so they managed to absorb more of the gravy/stock. Like the spinach, it is not normally vegan so you have to make a special request to the staff before ordering if you want it vegan :)

Hello my favorite vegetable dish at Din Tai Fung! How are you?


Seriously my favourite veg at din tai fung. I personally think it's better than the


These are stir fried sprouts. Simple seasoning which brings out its crisp, sweet flavor.

I liked the veggies but it was way too much garlic for me!!

I like this food because it’s a plant-based dish, but I don’t like its taste.

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