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You really can't go wrong with some veggie buns from DTF! All of their locations

carry these delicious buns filled with chopped veggies like mushrooms, Chinese greens and tofu. And they soak up the soy sauce and vinegar perfectly!

Really tasty filling with mushroom and veg. Light fluffy buns. A little expensive but tasty

I noticed there were times on the menu that didn’t match the list on the

blogs I read online with what vegans can order.
Some items form the blogs were no longer available in the restaurant and it seems since Jan 2018 there had been some changes.
Asked the wait staff and hey suggested the veggie bao - which obviously iwould order!
Easy enough to say “vegetarian, no egg, no milk” and they know how to help you.
Quite tasty, light And satisfying but nothing compared to dumplings!
#chinese #vegetable

I really wanted to like this but it fell very flat in the flavours department.

It was really begging for some seasoning. I also found that the filling to bun ratio on this wasn’t good for me. Would’ve liked a little bit more filling. Overall it wasn’t terrible and could be improved with a few quick fixes but I wouldn’t recommend it as is.


I can’t decide whether I like the steamed veggie buns or dumplings 🥟 more so

I just get both. Honestly for me these are the best steamed veggie buns around. The veggies have a lot of different textures and flavors and the aroma on the first bite is awesome! If you’re a crackhead for 🌶 like I am ask for the chopped chili on the side!

I think it’s about $2+ for a pau? kinda tiny tbh. but the pau is

pretty good!! generous with the filling and the pau skin was super soft and fluffy :D fillings are the same as the ones in the vegetarian dumplings, a lil bit tasteless but I like to dip it in the vinegar and garlic!!

Always get these! So fluffy and delicious! I just wish that DTF had vegan chili

sauce. I was so gutted when I found out their chili sauce has shrimp in it.

first time trying this and it was pretty okay I guess, $1.80 for one. it

came in a giant bamboo basket and there was only one inside HAHA the filling tasted like normal vegetables and mushrooms just inside a pau. nothing special for me tbh!

I had never really liked steamed buns unless I tried these. Though I wish they

had an option for a vegan chilli on the side since the option they already have isn’t vegetarian.

Would love for the buns to have more fillings. More of an vegan option in

a non vegetarian restaurant, definitely will not go back just to have it.

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