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Yummy pancake with kimchi and flour alone. Crispy, tender, soft. The soy sauce adds to

that hint of spice, salt, sourness to the pancake. It's my all time favorite and I never go there without ordering this. Very strongly recommended..


Always wanted to try out the #kimchi jeon pancake and this one didn't disappoint.
It's a

relatively small restaurant and best to book in advance. However, we couldn't book in time and decided to try our luck at the restaurant and thankfully were accommodated real quick.
Super efficient service. We explained to the wait staff that we wanted veganized options and they were very knowledgeable and provided us with options. All our dishes were on our table in about 10 mins flat. The kitchen probably runs like an automotive assembly plant.
#abillionlove #korean #fusionopolis

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Kimchi Jeon 김치전! The kimchi pancakes crispy, and not spicy. With

the sauce, it tasted a bit sweet. Every visit I will order this! Yummy 😋

Slightly spicy and savoury pancake with a somewhat chewy texture (might have lost some of

its crispiness as I didn't eat it immediately). Found it a bit light on the tastebuds as I expected a more prominent kimchi flavour. Wasn't particularly impressed, but I recall that I didn't enjoy the Yachae Jeon at The Boneless Kitchen either, so maybe Korean pancakes just aren't my thing haha. (Allium-free, $9) #sgkoreanfood #socialenterprise

Thin and tastes good, and the soy dipping sauce enhances the flavour. Could be a

little crispier! #abillionlove

Love these kimchi pancakes. Crispy on the outside. Great for sharing. Not too sure if

it’s just me but it seems like it’s smaller now.

Price: $9.00

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