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We ordered too much food but so happy to have nice

vegan food for meal 🥳. This was huge with many noodles and ingredients.. A bit spicy but very tasty and yummy soup! Nice 👍🏻

Served bubbling hot in a metal pot! Springy noodles with seafood tofu, soft tofu, mixed

mushrooms, and beansprouts. They focus more on natural ingredients rather than mock meat, so there wasn't any mock seafood. I've never eaten the real deal so I can't vouch for its authenticity, but it was nice and not too spicy! Only available at the Daehwa Vegetarian branch, so I would recommend trying it. (Allium-free, $16) #sgkoreanfood #socialenterprise

I loved that this came in a hotpot (or bowl rather) as it kept the

dish at the perfect temperature. The noodles were really chewy and the broth was super delicious. It isn’t as sweet as most Korean broths so I really enjoyed that! Overall, a really good dish that I would go back for!


Wow! This was super comforting on a rainy day! The noodles were good. Right amount

of spiciness. Loaded with mushrooms, vegetables and tofu. Would order again!

Price: $16.00

Was surprised that it came in a mini hotpot style with candle. Well, I guess

it kept the soup hot for quite a while! The noodles was closer to a sweet potato/mungbean style, which has a chewy texture. Soup is kimchi based and very flavorful. Relatively good servings of vegetable and tofu.

The dish was really good. The service was fast and very sweet. Portion size is

good to share( too much for one person to finish)
The pickled sides were very good too.

Very delicious! The soup is super flavourful. The noodles are a bit too soft but

just the way I like it. The texture of the “fish cake” tofu is simply delightful!

This was a pretty wholesome and hearty dish, stock full of tofu, veggies, and springy

qq noodles! I just wish the broth was a little more flavourful.

A solid 4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! Spicy and a unique soup base! 🔥🔥🔥 Big serving size and

generous variety of veggie ingredients — honestly the only thing I’ll crave in a wet, cold night 👀🍲 ⛈

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