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Monkey Head Mushroom Satay

by D’Life Signature


4.41 (15)

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12 May 2019
This is $5, no GST and service charge.

There’s three sticks of “satay”. It’s fried not grilled like the authentic satay. And it smells so freaking good! That’s the first time that caught my eye(or nose in fact haha) when this dish was...

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5 February 2021
Some tweaking needed;too sweet a stick.

🥜🥜 in sauce.. Beware!


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23 July 2021
I love all things monkey head mushroom, so I obviously was a fan of this

dish heh. The peanut satay sauce was absolutely divine!!

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22 July 2020
served with sweet (and not spicy) satay peanut sauce, the lion mane mushroom would definitely

a hit for lion mane fans!

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22 December 2020
This was a fabulous side dish - beautifully crispy chunks of monkey head mushrooms, paired with

a generous bowl of savoury and sweet peanut sauce. Love that the dish came with a lot of fresh cucumber chunks too, which tasted wonderful with the sauce as well. 😍 #veganin2020

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26 June 2020
$3.50 for 5 sticks, so worth it!

Love the peanut sauce too!

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2 October 2020
The sauce seems to be too much for the small bites of "satay" tho it

perfectly match the cucumbers that comes with it as well.

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22 January 2019
headsup that this doesnt really hv the same kind of texture as meat satay, but

for me that was fine haha

the satay flavour was there tho!! :,,,)

5 for $3.50 which i find reasonably priced relatively speaking

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27 December 2020
my curious friends got to try the lion mane’s mushroom for the first time!!

Funny how bcos this is almost staple to me!

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7 April 2020
Nicely marinated satay with good flavours @ $3.50 for 5 pieces.. The sauce is nice


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