Minced meat noodles

  • Is Minced meat noodles vegan? Yes! Minced meat noodles is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Love this minced meat noodles. The sauce is made of mushroom and jia jiang mian

like sauce. It's was absolutely delicious and so affordable in a cafe right at novena mrt! Can't beat this for $5.80!!!! I like this much better than their chicken rice.

This was really good and value for money! The minced meat really tasted like meat

and went really nicely together with the noodles (la mian).

The moment it was placed on the table, I thought... wow... when I went into

it, I was thinking why I didnt try this earlier. Haha. Minced protein is nicely flavoured, a bit salty, but I can live with that. The tofu slices had this special marinated taste that stood out from the mince. I like the cucumber slices and leafy veg.

The noodles had this... home made feel to it. Like... without preservatives. Though I might be wrong~ haha.

Oh, the noodles do stick up during the meal, so the small soup on the side is essential! #veganuary

Generous serving packed with plant-based minced meat, cucumber strips, leafy greens, soy fish topped on

a bed of smooth ramen noodles. Flavourful, not too spicy and definitely fills you!

Ordered this thinking it’d be bak chor mee as the menu states “minced meat noodles”

but it turned out to be zhajiang mian. Nevertheless, enjoyed this very much! The “minced meat” was very flavourful and I like that they gave quite a lot of veg. Can’t figure out why it was served on a plate though. Good price of 5.90 and no gst or service charge.

Yum! A lil spicy, huge portion. $6? I liked the veggies, would have liked more

tofu :)

$6 I think, one of the more expensive items on the menu. Q generous w

the ingredients but could have more sauce I think #veganin2020

Ingredients fresh, can add a little more varieties of veggies

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