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Nasi Lemak

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3.72 (5)

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29 January 2021
sometimes i forget to take pictures!!

yes!! Even when its habitual!!

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17 October 2020
Dish comes with crispy mushroom ikan bilis + sambal chilli + soya fish fillet and

mild coconuty fragrant rice. Very dry on the whole. Where's the...

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27 September 2018
My omni dad & sis ordered this and said that it was good :) The

rice had a nice coconut milk flavour & the fried soy ‘fish‘, mushroom crisps & peanuts made for a nice texture contrast with the soft & fluffy rice. Can be made vegan; just request for no egg.

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11 October 2020
Very good value for money.

The chili is really spicy, which is good. But a bit too salty~ it would been more well rounded if there was more veg and less rice.

Originally comes with egg, but I asked for vegan, and they switched to another patty.

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31 December 2018
It was okay.

But the "fish" was kinda hard to chew…

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