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  • BBQ Short ‘Rib’ Taco

BBQ Short ‘Rib’ Taco

by Club Mexicana


4.80 (8)

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4 June 2022
This was my favourite taco of the night!

Our waitress suggested it and she was so right - this taco was flavourful and the texture was amazing. Such creative foods in a fun, youthful environment. A really great place to go with your gal...

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20 June 2021
Highly recommend a visit here if you’re in London - first 100% vegan Mexican I’ve

been to and the food was outstanding. These were just divine, don’t even know what else to say

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28 August 2021
Food this tasty should be illegal!

No clue how they turned Jackfruit fruit into a texture that might fool a carnivore. Got me thinking I was being tricked but the place is 100% vegan

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21 July 2021
These tacos are perfect!

The jackfruit is juicy and full of flavour, and the garlic mayo is soooo good. Club Mexicana has an offer where you can get 3 of the same tacos for £10. 3 doesn’t sound like a lot, but it leaves you...

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28 March 2023
#vacaloura #santuariovacaloura #savevacaloura #tacos #jackfruit #bbq

These were my favourites! The jackfruit was so full of flavour from the BBQ sauce, and the different pickles and the mayo balanced the richness of it all. Price was also £12.

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29 April 2022
So nice!

Really enjoyed the texture of the ‘rib’ - very tasty too.

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18 October 2021
This taco has jackfruit “ribs”, hickory smoked bbq sauce, slaw, pickles and garlic mayo.

The jackfruit ribs certainly resembles meat in sight and a little bit in taste and texture. It was probably the sweetest out of the 4 tacos that I tried which is what makes it so distinct.

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16 June 2021
Sticky glazed jackfruit ribs, club mex BBQ sauce, slaw, pickled onions with garlic mayo 🤤🤤🤤

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