Mushroom Omniminced Noodle

  • Is Mushroom Omniminced Noodle vegan? Yes! Mushroom Omniminced Noodle is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

One of the nicest dishes on their menu. Mee pok tasted fresh and springy. Seasoned

nicely and topped with some mushrooms and Omni mince.


Prefer my noodle to be cook longer, so it will be more chewy


can add more chili to make the taste stronger 😋

Yo. This is SO GOOD. The noodle bite is perfect with tons of mushroom and

omnimeat. It’s spicy, savoury, a little salty, acidic from the vinegar. Dear lord it’s delicious, my mom did NOT let me take a photo without her digging in, so pardon the blur photos 🥲 and it’s $4.50

$4.00 Generous with noodles and ingredients. Soup is sweet and refreshing. Tastes and texture remind

me of minced pork noodle. Noodles clumps together thou.

Dried mee pok with omnimeat. Flavour is there, but wish the portion can be bigger.

Glad that I added cabbage. $4 + $1 (extra veg)

They used omni meat for their dish which is a good deal already. You can

have it dry or soup.

poorly executed mushrooms, more soaking and puffing needed.. too hardy for my geriatric molars.

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