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  • Beetroot Avocado Burger
  • Beetroot Avocado Burger

Beetroot Avocado Burger

by Cedele Bakery Café


3.89 (7)

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1 February 2019
It was incredibly average to me.

I think a bit more flavour or seasoning would be much better.

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1 April 2019
This tasted a little different than I expected, but in a good way!

I feel like often when you order a veggie burger they just put some veggies on bread and expect you to be happy, you little vegan. But this beetroot patty has a really nice consistency and taste to it, I think there’s cinnamon in there..?

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30 March 2019
Ordered this on @shalini97 recommendation, (also after realising the sandwich I originally wanted was sold

out). I really enjoyed it and found it really tasty. However, the server wasn’t sure whether the bread I chose was...

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21 December 2018
I had this burger at the abillionveg x mealpal event.

It could have so much more amazing if the bread wasn't so dry and crumbly. The beetroot patty in itself was great!

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20 November 2017
Beetroot burgers are usually crazy expensive because they are so laborious to make, but Cedele

makes it so affordable at just $8.50! The whole wheat bread is vegan, and the best part is the homemade vegan mayo that Cedele makes. The beetroot patty hold together quite well, and avocado was not overripe but also not too...

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