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  • Thai Hippie (Vegan Maki)
  • Thai Hippie (Vegan Maki)

Thai Hippie (Vegan Maki)

by Blue Sushi Sake Grill


4.62 (9)

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28 January 2022
Everyone is probably sick of seeing so many sushi rolls!🤣 This roll was another favorite.

This has vegan tofu tempura, avocado, cucumber, carrot, cashews with Thai basil cilantro, mint and red onion and peanut sauce. This was so good and the flavors were great. This would be another roll I highly...

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8 March 2021
Thai Hippie.

(Sushi Maki Roll)

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16 April 2020
(Top Left) Amazing!!!

So fresh and flavorful. Tofu vegan tempura, veggies and basil. 🌱 #uplandspeak

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9 August 2020
**Sorry about the picture!

I tried to do a close up but this app would only accept a picture of two of the eight rolls**


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8 December 2019
The Thai Hippie is one of Blue Sushi Sake and Grill's many vegan options.

It was less of a traditional sushi taste than their others, but it's still delicious and surprisingly filling for a sushi roll.

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13 January 2023
Tofu vegan tempura, avocado, cucumber, carrot, cashews with thai basil, cilantro, mint and red onion

salad, and thai peanut sauce for $11.

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12 March 2021
This is my second favorite sushi roll here.

I like it because of all the cilantro, with the Thai basil and tofu. I dip it in soy sauce mixed with wasabi.

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2 March 2020
This is one of my favorite vegan places!!

They have so many different vegan sushi that you can never get the same thing! We love the Thai hippie, cowgirl, crunchy cabbage, VLT and many others! This place is so worth going to and they have happy hour every day!

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