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  • Veganized Umami Bomb Pizza
  • Veganized Umami Bomb Pizza

Veganized Umami Bomb Pizza

by Blue Label Pizza & Wine


4.50 (2)

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2 April 2021
One of the best pizzas I've had in Singapore.

Honestly the toppings were just alright, nothing too spectacular, but the crust really made the dish! I believe it was a cornmeal crust? It was thin and crispy and delicious 😍 what a treat

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15 October 2019
Definitely on my #bestof list for pizza in Singapore and maybe even the world!

Love the shiitakes with spinach on a bed of marinara and an unbelievably great cornmeal crust! Strong, very strong! 💪🏽

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18 May 2023
I saw amazing reviews for this dish and had to see what the hype was

about…and it definitely did not disappoint!!! I think this is by far one of my favorite pizzas ever, the crust was so delicious and well made - 1000% recommend ❤️

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