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brown rice, curry veg, long beans and sweet & sour tau kee (tofu skin). i

love how they always have so many options throughout the day!! went at 4.45pm and lotsa dishes to choose from. initially thought the portion was quite small so i ordered one more tau kee (the aunty only gave one at first), but it was actually quite filling. vegetables were well-cooked and not soggy even after a few hours. the tau kee was super flavourful as well! ($3.80)

From the vege stall that doesnt sell eggs!! Their variety is superb!!

Stall #01-45. Great variety and very value-for-money (3 dishes for $2.80 only)!

noooo didn't know they use disposables, i left my cutlery in the office 😥 on

the plus side, they have a really huge variety of dishes to choose from! lots of saucy mock meats, fried rolls, and some greens. i got brown rice, spinach, long bean and sweet & sour mock fish. simple & tasty albeit on the oilier side. ($3)

the spinach was so oily today 😯 that aside, everything tasted pretty good. portion was

huge haha, wasn't in the mood for rice or noodles so the aunty piled my plate with lots of 料! (really wish they can stop using disposables :-( i brought my own cutlery but didn't have my container with me. maybe i'll ask them about it when they're less busy.)

I love the curry mock mutton it’s the best!! It’s q affordable w 3 dishes+rice

for $3 n sell a variety of items from fried to vege to mock meat

still plenty of options in the evening! if you're not a fan of mock meat

don't worry, they have tofu dishes too :-)

Meal was a little too oily for me, but the vegetables portion was generous, and

the bee hoon nicely fried.

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