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Pumpkin Dumplings

by Analogue


4.36 (11)

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25 February 2022
Probably the healthiest dumplings I’ve had.

Nicely complimented with some sauce and greens on top

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5 January 2022
These tasted more like a dessert to me because of the sweet pumpkin filling even

though it was supposed to be infused with miso. Loved the soft and chewy texture of the homemade dumpling skin!

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21 March 2022
This was not bad although flavour could be more miso-forward to have a better

balance between savoury and sweet. Right now it’s a little too sweet because of the pumpkin inside.

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25 December 2021
These dumplings were filled with pumpkin miso, topped with spring onion and drizzled with chilli


The dumplings had a generous amount of the creamy pumpkin miso. The homemade dumpling skin had a right amount of...

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28 November 2021
This is another my favorite dish from Analogue.

Subtle sweetness of pumpkin and the toppings of spring onion and chili oil go nicely together.

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15 October 2021
Pumpkin Dumplings ($20,yet to include srv and gst charges) - pretty pieces!

If you like pumpkin, this is for you. A little sweet and not spicy for us, despite chilli oil (..but could be because we can take spicer foodie too, hence taste buds don’t find these spicy😂). #veganisnotscary

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12 May 2022
I didnt know what to expect from this but really really enjoyed the taste.

Sweet'ish frm the pumpkin, but not too much sweet,texture was nice and tht lovely little sauce tht drizzles on it really complements the taste.

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9 March 2022
Perfect texture, crispy on top and soft at the bottom.

Creamy inside, perfect temperature, sweet and sour, yum!

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9 February 2022
Great style is: Wearing anything you like, regardless of gender.

- Jeon Jungkook

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