Raw Cheesy Kale Chips

  • Is Raw Cheesy Kale Chips vegan? Yes! Raw Cheesy Kale Chips is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

Organic kale, coated, dehydrated & dusted with vegan "cheese" flakes

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Most helpful reviews

Best snack everrrr super cheesy super healthy super crunchy what's not to love!

I really like these. I've not had chips for the longest time, and this reminded

me of how enjoyable it is to feel and hear the crisp. And without the high temperatures and oil! Nutritional yeast is such a blessing to enhance the umami flavour of kale. 🥰 #rawvegan #vegansnacks #veganinsingapore #vegan

Thoroughly crisp on all veggie exteriors but a pretty light side / snack because of

the airiness within. Initially thought this was a variant of the burnt/roasted broccoli 🥦 sharing plates found in other cafes. I think this can be kept as a light savoury snack for a few more days if you are ordering it home 🏡
Definitely unique and do taste the cheesiness

Loved the taste and crunchiness of this kale chips! I had the impression that it

will have the usual slight bitterness of the veg but it didn’t.
At $8, it’s pretty good value as it’s quite a full bowl of it.

Wish the kale was more crispy but nonetheless tastes good with its lightly-flavoured cheese

Crispy, flavorful, and great on its own! Even people who don’t like kale would like

this for sure

I like this even though it definitely tastes like it come out of a pre-packaged

brand 😅

It didn't look like much but once you put it in your mouth, Boom! Highly


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