Karubi Don

by Aburi-EN
4.27 (14)
  • Is Karubi Don vegan? Yes! Karubi Don is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Tasty, umami & hearty bowl of soy-based protein + sweet & savoury teriyaki sauce +

Japanese pearl rice + shimeiji mushrooms :’) Great for work meals / meals w omni friends and colleagues! $18ish incl GST & Service Charge. #japanese #sgjapanesefood #rice

Out of this world! This donburi bowl features a blanket of mock meat by Next

Meats. It serves a texture that comes very close to that of real beef – bomb ass marinade too. So glad the vegan scene in Singapore is thriving, and the standard of mock meat has risen to meet the curiosity of local chefs and restaurants!

Obviously a #prelockdown meal but boyyyy these chargrilled #plantbased meat slices were soooooo good 🥰🥰

One of the best I’ve tried and went so well with the mushrooms 🍄 At $13.80, also pretty affordable compared to other plantbased meat dishes!! Try this on delivery, friends!!! #abillionturns3

a don using @nextmeats and mushrooms. aburi-en did a good job in terms of taste,

this is a very savoury don with enough sauce. rice is fluffy and cooked well. it’s not too expensive though service was a little slow during lunch (understaffed). the @nextmeats slices were quite disappointing in terms of texture, i didn’t really see a difference between this and the gluten mock meats you eat at chinese vegetarian restaurants. i would expect a lot more from an alternative meat brand!

Finally treating myself to this amazingly flavourful @nextmeats_singapore カルビ丼 (Karubi Don aka ‘Boneless Short Ribs’

Rice Bowl) 🥺🍘

It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten good quality, chewy short-grain rice & the service was great too :’) They’re offering 20% off for takeaway orders during HA so go check them out if you haven’t already! 🌸 #cyfavs

There’s a new plant-based meat in town and it comes in the form of yakiniku

by Next Meats. It’s currently being served at Aburi-En and if you’re vegan, and eating amongst carnivores gobbling down bowls of meat doesn’t put you off, then this dish is for you. It has the same light texture of seitan and this being a yakiniku means you will get all that delicious charred goodness. I was pretty happy with my bowl and it was so moreish that I finished it in less than 10 minutes. Plus, the press materials state that by serving, Next Meats has twice the amount of protein than regular meat so I’m there. Aburi-En is a chain that has two dishes serving Next Meats but the other uses egg yolk so that’s more suitable for vegetarians. This is absolutely worth a try.

I’m gonna be honest, it’s been a really years since I’ve had these bowl things

so was nice to see a Japanese place like this offer a vegan option especially around the CBD area as it means another option for me to dine at.

I’m a huge fan of mushrooms so this was a big win as they were well flavoured and cook. As for the ‘meat’, it had a great taste and texture to it! It also comes served with some delicious miso soup. Would defo recommend!

Great effort to veganise a meat-heavy dish. :) Although the ‘meat’ tasted soy-like and the

texture resembled chinese mock meat, the seasoning was good. Glad to have this as a vegan option around!

So delicious and filling. Really impressed with Next Meats in this dish, so yum! Would

have love more mushrooms though and maybe some salad to help balance 🤭

HOLY SHIET this was so good???? This was one heck of a soulful, nourishing, utterly

delicious donburi. I honestly forgot it was vegan for a second. Nuff’ said, I’m sold.

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