Plant Based Nuggets

by A&W Canada
3.83 (23)
  • Is Plant Based Nuggets vegan? Yes! Plant Based Nuggets is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

So nice to see these are available! Great taste, texture. Little on the filling side

so 6 was plenty for me. Perfect smaller portion meal. Will get these again

TBH I cannot get enough of these! They are so damn good and so close

to being like the dead bird nuggets! Thank you A&W for being so adaptable, forward-thinking and progressive.

This was the first time we tried the nuggets. They were good with mustard as

a dip to keep them vegan. I took a pic of the sign because it’s so sad…the hens are fed a vegetarian diet so people feel good about eating their eggs. Why don’t people just go vegan, spare the hens and their eggs and feel great ethically and physically????

So I was expecting more from these. They just tasted a bit burnt. It did

have a very realistic texture. But I'm going to give them another shot and I'll update if they are better! #veganisnotscary

One word : Amazing!😍
These Beyond Meat “chicken” nuggets nuggets from A&W were perfectly seasoned, super

warm and crispy. The bbq and sweet& sour sauce are the 2 vegan options in terms of sauce! I will definitely be getting this again and recommended to anyone who can get their hands on these. They’re available for a limited time (a month) in Canada !

#beyondmeat #veganchicken

A&W is pulling THROUGH with the plant based fast food. This nuggets are crispy and

the sweet and sour sauce hits the spot. Paired with fries and a beyond burg. What more can I ask for? OH YEAH: VEGAN SAUCES!!!

Order the beyond chicken nuggets at A&W Canada and ask for them with either the

bbq or the sweet and sour sauce to make it vegan. They are very good. To me they are very similar to many vegan chicken nuggets you can buy at grocery stores, which are usually pretty good. Definitely worth getting.

It was a nice to have a second vegan option from a&w ! I really

enjoyed these nuggets. They tasted great, texture was nice, and the vegan dipping sauce was a bonus!

Granted I'm not generally a chicken nugget fan but that said these were more "authentic"

tasting than most.
I think kids, who I assume are the target audience, would not know the difference from what they are used too and after all that is the goal with these products.
Well done Beyond Meat! 🌱👍🏻

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