Review of Plant Based Nuggets at A&W Canada by gabba

photo of A&W Canada Plant Based Nuggets shared by @gabba on  10 Aug 2021 - reviewphoto of A&W Canada Plant Based Nuggets shared by @gabba on  10 Aug 2021 - review

One word : Amazing!😍
These Beyond Meat “chicken” nuggets nuggets from A&W were perfectly seasoned, super warm and crispy. The bbq and sweet& sour sauce are the 2 vegan options in terms of sauce! I will definitely be getting this again and recommended to anyone who can get their hands on these. They’re available for a limited time (a month) in Canada !

#beyondmeat #veganchicken

svraphael88 I shall go!! Ty!!1 likeReply
gabba Haha yay! Enjoy! And no problem😊!1 likeReply
sueprozak Thanks for the review! Going tomorrow 1 likeReply
gabba No problem! 😊 I hope you will enjoy!🙏Reply
helloitsme I tried them today…and really liked them, too!1 likeReply
gabba That’s awesome!😆🙌 They really nailed this!! I just hope they keep them on the menu long term..1 likeReply
helloitsme Agreed! When restaurants find an amazing alternative like this, they should remove the product that causes harm to animals and the planet, shouldn’t they!? I was disappointed that they had removed the breakfast sandwich.😕1 likeReply
gabba Exactly! I agree, It is really disappointing… I just hope that one day things will change for the better.. 😓 1 likeReply
jasmine94 I wish we had these in Australia! ❤️Reply
gabba Aww :(, hopefully they will start to sell them in stores over there! I think the Beyond chicken is relatively new so I’m thinking it’ll become more accessible worldwide soon! 😥Reply

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