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Dark Chocolate & Nuts Brownie

by Privé Wheelock
4.14 (32)
  • Is Dark Chocolate & Nuts Brownie vegan? Yes! Dark Chocolate & Nuts Brownie is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

Vanilla nice cream





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Privé Wheelock
Privé Wheelock73 dishes · 1,243 reviews

Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Rd, #01-K1, Singapore 238880

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Most helpful reviews

Prive @ Tiong Bahru has soooooo many amazing vegan options! We’ve been going there for

brunch every Sunday and I’m always spoilt for choice.
This brownie was warm and delicious—just looked at their menu and it’s supposed to come with vegan vanilla ice-cream so it looks like I have to properly order this again next time 🍦 #chocolate

This vegan dark chocolate and nuts brownie cost $9. The warm and moist brownie contrasted

perfectly with the cold vanilla nice cream! The brownie wasn't cloying as it had some cashew nuts hidden inside for a change in taste and texture, and the chocolate sauce drizzle also had an intense cocoa taste that wasn't artificially sweet. The nice cream was also really creamy (the surface melted quickly because there was a birthday candle flame right above). This was so good, couldn't believe it was vegan and would definitely order it again!

I'd say that they have generous portions for their desserts at Privé! This was a

huge brownie and a big scoop of vegan ice cream. I prefer my brownies more decadently chocolatey but if you'd like 1 that is not so sweet and chewy, this fits the bill.

#brownie #chocolate #icecream #dessert #veganisnotscary

Brownie with some vanilla ice cream after so long, I am loving how vegan options

are widespread in Singapore and thanks to the @abillion10 app that has made the discovery so easy.

The brownie was definitely the show stopper of the dish, it was moist, warm and just the right amount of dense, with a generous topping of nuts. I liked the flavour of the Vani icecream but hoped for it be little more creamy, it was a little runny in consistency but otherwise complimented the brownie really well.

#chocoholic #brownie

It did the job of satisfying my sweet craving but didn't blow my mind. The

brownie had too many nuts and IMO could have had a fudgier/stronger chocolate flavour. I really enjoy their in house nice cream and you can really see specs of vanilla in it (not sure if it has banana but doesn't taste of it it which is great!!)

It’s VEGAN!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍

What could a kid love more than a deliciously moist chocolate brownie with

a BIG scoop of vanilla ice cream?!

In heaven thank you @yuan ❤️❤️❤️

Warning ⚠️ I passed out and went straight down for my afternoon nap after eating this.

Oh how much I enjoyed this brownie!! The nuts were a great idea and the

vanilla ice cream didn't overtake the chocolate taste. Not that moist tho..

Good vegan desert.
The brownie was rich dark n nice. The icecream complimented well.good to share


Dessert that came with the kids meal. Vegan apparently !

Ok mixed feelings abt this one. We ordered it thru delivery and it was very

dry. But this time around we ate in the restaurant and it was moist. Was it because warm or fresher i dont know.. #veganisnotscary

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