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  • Kale “Waldorf“ Salad

Kale “Waldorf“ Salad

by Blue Label Pizza & Wine


4.78 (25)

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4 March 2021
I would eat this salad everyday if it was more affordable.

All the right flavours! #salad

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10 March 2021
This salad is a must have every time I eat at Blue Label.

It’s crunchy, fresh, tangy and relieves the guilt of eating an entire pizza by yourself 😁 The portion is also very generous.


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14 August 2019
Love this salad!

Besides some perfectly massaged kale it comes with slivers of green apples 🍏 cashews, grapes 🍇 and fried shallots which make this dish really pop. One of my favorite salads in lSingapore. Just be sure to #veganize it!

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14 March 2021
The most interesting and best tasting kale salad I think I’ve ever had!

Who knew grapes and green apples would go so well with kale? Plus the addition of crispy shallots and nuts gave a really nice crunch and the tofu vinaigrette was perfection 👌🏽 good portion size for sharing too

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14 May 2020
Finally got to try this #sgtop50 dish!

I honestly didn’t get what the fuss was about a kale salad but boy am I eating my words. This was delicious with great flavouring and having it chopped up just some how makes it better like you’re eating a dish and not a pile of leaves.

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5 December 2019
Absolutely one of my favorite salads in Singapore!

It’s got tons of flavor and textures with fried shallots, cashews and a vegan tofu miso dressing. All on a mountain of fresh chopped slivered kale and grapes 🍇

#bestof #veganized

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31 October 2020
My fav salad in Singapore.

The fried shallots add such a great taste.

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30 May 2022
Love how finely chopped the kale is so that it absorbs the dressing nicely and

mixes well with the other ingredients. You gotta ask for the tofu-based dressing though, because the regular dressing has honey!

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20 June 2019
Becoming one of my favorite salads in Singapore!

Loaded with tons of flavors and textures like grapes, cashews, shaved greens and fried shallots. So damn good! Definitely check out this salad if you’re in town!

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