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Blue Planet Ice Cream

by Kind Kones


4.37 (37)

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14 April 2020
Easily my fav ice cream flavour here.

Love the concept on making a β€˜clean’ ice cream and always feel healthy eating the ice creams here #sgtop50

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13 May 2020
My absolute fav!

But this time in a pint the matcha pieces aren't as great, it became crumbly... But it's still good when I top it over my homemade apple pie! πŸ’˜πŸŽ

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8 November 2019
This flavor is my all time fav!

🌎 For obvious reasons - matcha cake bits. I usually have it in a cone, and maybe because it melted a bit. In liquid form it's good too hehe

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18 October 2020
Very nice!

Coconut flavour goes well with the matcha cake. It does really look like a little Earth planet 🌍 #veganisnotscary

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23 October 2020
Every single ice cream flavour I try here is amazing!

The colour is this one is πŸ”₯


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26 August 2020
I love this ice cream the most because of the pieces of cake in it!

It gives me ice cream cake vibes! The cakes texture is soft and different than the rest of the ice cream! I think the two flavors in the ice cream go together really well too!

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20 April 2019
Probs am the worst hand model for ice cream 🍦 this was an interesting and

delicious flavour that I really enjoyed having. I love vegan ice creams because I don’t feel as β€œheavy” after... if you get what I meanπŸ˜…

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11 November 2019
Finally got to have my first kind kones ice cream yay!

I grabbed this one cos it seemed to be their most iconic flavour πŸ˜‚ Im not sure what flavour the blue part is supposed to be but it wasn't too sweet so that was good. Only thing is it melts quite fast :O Update: i checked and apparently it's a mixture of coconut milk, cashew milk and almond milk :3

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25 July 2019
This was glorious like our very own blue planet 🌌 I always didn't knew

what the green bits were and those were bits of matcha cake. As always, asolutely love their coconut cashew milk base! πŸ’—

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16 July 2019
10/10 for this coconut ice cream!!

πŸ’– it’s not only the best vegan ice cream i’ve tried but probably beats a few non-vegan ones as well!!

the staff there was friendly and patient as well!!

the store even has gluten free options and other desserts like brownies that pair with your ice cream 🀀🀀

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