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Served with butter dip but only the eggplant dip is vegan. I don’t particularly care

for dough balls but my friends enjoyed it so I give a higher score. #veganisnotscary

The dough balls has become the defacto appetizer whenever I've visited Pizza Express. They're so

soft it feels as though they're melting in your mouth and the dips on the side complement them well!

Pancito con sabor a pizza, queso y un dip de berenjena😍😍😍 y con la app

#abillionveg te la regalaban 😱😱😱😱 fue hermoso!

Got this free off the current abv x PizzaExpress promo! We were a little confused

at first because the staff weren’t giving out the Verde menus, only the regular menus. The tables around us all only had regular menus as well. We had to ask if there was another menu available before we got handed the Verde menu.
*** Edit: this isn’t vegan, the dip is a garlic butter. You’re supposed to get the eggplant dip when you redeem the abv x PizzaExpress promo but I think they gave us the non-vegan dip by mistake.

Dough Balls, served with eggplant, balsamic and sundried tomato and walnut dips.

Piping hot with

the dips served cold. Pretty addictive, the texture is quite chewy but tears apart easily. Absolutely loving the dips, especially the eggplant, which to me kinda taste like hummus???

The doughs were like plain mini pizza and were great at absorbing the sauce, though

I'd like for it to be seasoned with olive oil and garlic perhaps to add more flavour. The sauce was so creamy and delectable that I had to scrape the sauce bowl clean.
#nuseats #pizzaexpress #doughballs

Pizza Express dough balls are to dough for. Die for. Whatever 😂 Fluffy bites of

dough, perfect for dipping - we had the (1) aubergine and (2) sundried tomatoes with walnuts dips and both were winners. The former is a bit sweet, but with a really lovely eggplanty texture. The latter dip is just bliss in a bite. 😍


I don't quite see the attraction of this dish though I would say the texture

of the dough balls was not bad and the dip was good as well. Would prefer if the balls came hotter and with insides softer. #crf

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