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Ahh I love wild honey!! They have a vegetarian section in the menu of which

eggs can be made vegan with Just Eggs 🥹🥹 (though at an additional cost)

The Californian was tasty and interesting with eggplant as the 🥓 😆😆 not their best dish imo but still a yummy dish as I LOVEEEE TOFUUUU

(The burger was vegan too and the fries are very generous!!)

Orange & Pineapple juice was great too though a lil pricey for a small cup hehe but would still get it again as I love juices hahahah

Looks amazing ....................................

I really love the #sauce this was slathered with. What in the heck is “chimayo”?

😵 That & the red pepper jam - Absolute gold! I actually really like the way the prepared the #tofu, though @m1tch9i says that she would’ve preferred a #tofuscramble instead as it is supposed to stand in place for #egg in their omni variant of this dish 🐣 The aubergine “#bacon” was a bit of a letdown given the excellent renditions I’ve had before (grease, anyone?) but I still think this was overall a really solid meal. Especially given that they used fresh pickings of the devils fern 😉 #betterwithcoriander

Ive had this dish a few times & unfortunately its been inconsistent. Once i add

my own flavour (salt, tobasco sauce etc.) it is good. I love the eggplant 'bacon' but overall the dish could be better, especially for the price #JAAN

Quite nice dish, similar to a ratatouille. I expected a tofu scramble dish, which it

isn’t at all though. I wished the tofu was firmer (personal preference, as I dislike soft tofu, which this dish contains).

Wild Honey has a plant-based menu 🌱 I think this dish is supposed to resemble

scrambled egg whites + bacon on sourdough toast 🍞 But it tastes a lot more Asian than English.
The tofu is silky soft and the dish tastes like a Chinese tofu stir-fry, no complaints though bc I love Asian food! #wfpb #wholefoodplantbased #healthy

I’ve always been going to WILD HONEY, but this time I went for the vegan

option — scrambled tofu with sriracha, portobello mushrooms, eggplant ‘bacon’, and toast drizzled with olive oil. Taste was alright, but the dish wasn’t very worth it in my opinion. The smoked paprika fries were great tho (I love my shoestring fries 🤪♥️).

Loved this healthy tofu and veggie scramble with a side of toasted sourdough. Sautéed veggies

like peppers, onions and tomatoes with large pieces of tofu. I’m not sure how they prepared this soft tofu in the way they did but I really like it. Kind of crisp on the outside but soft inside.

Love this dish. Soft tofu, bell peppers, mushrooms, scallions and onions all seasoned v well

w some hot sauce, and with 2 slices of toasted sourdough bread.

Crispy “bacon” eggplant, scrambled egg white (choice of whole eggs or tofu available). Might not

be filling enough and it is definitely an expensive dish. They have several vegetarian options but this seems to be the only one that can be made vegan. Nevertheless, the set up of the restaurant was pretty comfy.

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