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by Wild Honey


4.01 (20)

Softly scrambled tofu, bell peppers, onion, mushroom w Sriracha, fresh herbs, eggplant 'bacon', on grilled sourdough.

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10 December 2019
Wild Honey has a plant-based menu 🌱 I think this dish is supposed to

resemble scrambled egg whites + bacon on sourdough toast 🍞 But it tastes a lot more Asian than English.

#wfpb #wholefoodplantbased #healthy

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8 May 2021
Soft scramble tofu with eggplant bacon.

Hope they offer more vegan dishes!

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17 July 2020
Definitely on the pricier side but with huge portion and fresh ingredients.

Especially enjoyed the eggplant ‘bacon’ and the freshly baked bread

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25 June 2019
Loved this healthy tofu and veggie scramble with a side of toasted sourdough.

Sautéed veggies like peppers, onions and tomatoes with large pieces of tofu. I’m not sure how they prepared this soft tofu in the way they did but I really like it. Kind of crisp on the outside but soft inside.

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16 March 2022
We ordered 2 of these, along with 2 additional pieces of bread, whole avocado and

2 x roasted potatoes.

It was really delicious, but quite expensive.

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28 November 2019
Ive had this dish a few times & unfortunately its been inconsistent.

Once i add my own flavour (salt, tobasco sauce etc.) it is good. I love the eggplant 'bacon' but overall the dish could be better, especially for the price #JAAN

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1 January 2021
Everything was pretty good though the tofu is a little bland for my taste.

I like the sauted mushrooms the most. The sourdough is really good, the texture is quite similar to regualr toast tough.

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24 May 2019
I’ve always been going to WILD HONEY, but this time I went for the

vegan option — scrambled tofu with sriracha, portobello mushrooms, eggplant ‘bacon’, and toast drizzled with olive oil. Taste was alright, but the dish wasn’t very worth it in my opinion. The smoked paprika fries were great tho (I love my shoestring fries 🤪♥️).

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23 October 2019
overall an okay, pretty clean and surprisingly quite substantial dish :) great lighter savoury option

as opposed to their impossible burger, which i will definitely me trying one day!

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8 January 2019
Crispy “bacon” eggplant, scrambled egg white (choice of whole eggs or tofu available).

Might not be filling enough and it is definitely an expensive dish. They have several vegetarian options but this seems to be the only one that can be made vegan. Nevertheless, the set up of the restaurant was pretty comfy.

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