Vegan Sharks Fin Soup

  • Is Vegan Sharks Fin Soup vegan? Yes! Vegan Sharks Fin Soup is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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My favourite soup and one of my fav dishes here! Everything about it is perfect

- the thickness, flavour and ingredients of tofu skin, mock ham and mushrooms. #bestpicks

One of my fav dishes at Eight Treasures!!! The soup is so thick, yummy and

flavorful with lots of lovely textures ingredients like beancurd strips and enoki mushrooms!!! #bestpicks

One thing I never understood about #sharksfinsoup is that the #sharkfin seemingly has no flavour

of its own 🤔 I grew up eating actual reef #shark in Borneo, usually as a form of #saltedfish, which at least had its own distinct flavour and texture as other fish would. I too have had my fair share of shark’s fin attending weddings & functions growing up in my hometown of Kuching 🦈 If you were to put this or any other “faux” (read: non-cruel) shark fin soup in front of me, I would not be able to tell the difference. It’s every bit as good, as creamy, and as flavourful - because the fin never had any flavour of its own. It’s unnecessary cruel 👎

Blown away.
Just as I remember sharks fin to be - even though I don’t

think I ever tried it except when I was about 10 years old at a wedding.
Got it with my non-vegan friend and he agreed it was pretty good!
Textures and flavours were all the same. Would recommend it
#chinese #soup

Wow first time trying Vegan Shark Fin soup and i’m so amazed 😱 It’s been

a really long time since I ate the non-vegan version which is only at weddings & I definitely don’t miss it! Don’t need to kill animals to have great food #littlebuckets #friendsnotfood

ordered one pax as Mom craveeeee~ tried abit and like the generous ingredients ~ usually

this is quite similar to hot & sour soup ingredients~ #abillionturns3

This was absolutely delicious, I would definitely order this again the next time I go

and would recommend this to anyone. Great alternative to a ‘high cruelty meat’ #sgeats

Ooo I loved this, it was super yum and tasty, definitely a solid alternative to

the original any day. You can add vinegar to it if you want to, but I prefer it without!

I have had many veg and non veg versions of this soup in the past

made with fish maw or gourds. This vegan version is fantastic and exactly the same imho. there are so many different textures and you get lots of ingredients in each scoop.

First time I tried vegan version of shark fin soup! How exciting! :D I loved

the soup but there was more bean curd than shark fins lol

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